Is REVITAWATER a cure for hangovers?

No, there is no proven scientific cure for hangovers. REVITAWATER is a hangover prevention drink that speeds up the breakdown of alcohol in your system with its proprietary blend of vitamins and anti-oxidants. Once your system is detoxified the ill effects of hangover are averted.

When do I drink REVITAWATER?

Drink REVITAWATER right before or during alcohol consumption. To prevent the symptoms of a hangover the next morning, make sure to take at least one more bottle of REVITAWATER before bedtime.

How many do I need to drink?

Take a bottle of REVITAWATER with every few drinks of alcohol.We recommend to drink a minimum of two bottles for optimal defense.

Can I take REVITAWATER the morning after drinking?

REVITAWATER is intended to help prevent a hangover therefore its benefits may not be fully utilized if only taken the next day. Best to drink it the night before and supplement the next day if desired. It will help replenish the body with natural healthy energy and a vitamin boost to recover from a night of partying.

Will REVITAWATER prevent intoxication?

No, REVITAWATER does not prevent intoxication. Always play and drink responsibly.

What does it taste like?

REVITAWATER has a light lemon taste. A refreshing treat on its own, or a delicious neutral mixer to any hard alcohol.

I am not a drinker. Can I drink REVITAWATER?

Yes,definitely! REVITAWATER is enriched with vitamins and anti-oxidants and may be taken as a daily supplement for a healthy lifestyle.

What is REVITAWATER’s shelf life? How do I store it?

REVITAWATER has a shelf life of two years at room temperature. Avoid direct sunlight. Refrigerate after opening. It is best served chilled.